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About Us

Controlicz is the gateway between Google Home and Amazon's Alexa services and Domoticz Home Automation.

This allows the safety of a local system with the comfort of controlling it via voice commands. Effectively giving voice to your Domoticz Home Automation system.

Simply create an account with us, subscribe, then setup your voice assistants via their respective Controlicz app or skill and you are ready to go.

Subscription to Controlicz is simply £2/month - and grants you full access to all the Smart Home services we offer

Read our FAQ for detailed instruction.

Product Features

Cross Platform

Controlicz is available on Alexa and Google Home. Therefore, any device that supports Alexa or Google Home/Assistant, should be able to control your Domoticz Home Automation System.


Controlicz enforces use of SSL and communicates only via HTTPS (or using NGROK) ensuring that data transfer between Controlicz server and your Domoticz system is encrypted and secure.


Using a combination of Room Plans and Custom Users, users are able to expose only those devices that they want to be controlled via voice.

Made For Domoticz

Instead of trying to support multiple home automation platforms, Controlicz was designed from the ground up focusing only one home automation system, Domoticz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers for you.

  • When you sign up, you are able to discover your devices in the Controlicz website and Google/Alexa and test your connectivity. To control your devices on your Google Home or Alexa, please subscribe to either a monthly or annual subscription

  • For the security of your Home Automation system, Controlicz requires that you setup SSL on your Domoticz installation. Please follow the steps provided in this link Then forward your SSL port on your router (e.g 443 locally to 443 remotely)

    • Create a User (user rights: User), enabling the Scenes tab. Add the devices you want to control (Set Devices).
    • Create a Room Plan, and add the devices you want to the Room Plan.
    • If Alexa or Google are not recognising the device names, or you want alternatives, you can create new ones. Friendly Names can be set within Domoticz, via the Description field of the device. Simply add Google_Name: or Alexa_Name: then the name you want

  • We know that Domoticz controls many types of devices. We at Controlicz want you to have full control over this, so for each of your devices, you can provide a specific type of device: Light/Switch/Outlet/Fan/Thermostat/TempSensor/Security/Lock/Sensor/Battery/Selector/Blinds/Vacuum/Dispense/Speaker.

    Simply put TypeControl: Light in the device description field and sync/discover your devices and Controlicz will treat the device accordingly

  • From here it is a simple process. All you have to do is open the apps for your Voice Assistant (Alexa and Google Home/Assistant) and then add Controlicz as a Smart Home app. For Alexa, it will come under the Skills section. For Google, Explore > search for Controlicz.

  • In Domoticz – under Settings>Notifications:

    For http - Put the URL: - for controliczID check your Controlicz profile – it will be something like 5b55b8e423e11e23de4f454d5


    In the POST data box put: message=#MESSAGE and ensure Content-Type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    For Alexa - in your sensor – under notifications put: A|idx|$value|Motion or Contact as appropriate – eg. A|123|$value|Motion , and enable the http toggle (disable the rest)

    For Google doorbells - under notifications put: G|idx|$value – eg. G|123|$value , and enable the http toggle (disable the rest)

    You will need to disable/enable Controlicz skill in your alexa app (this is a one time thing to create a new type of token).

    Then in your Alexa app, under Routines, add new Routine “When this happens” under Device you should now see your sensors

    For Google, sync your devices, then select the new doorbell device, enable notifications and make sure it's in your Google 'Home'

  • NGINX: Just enter your hostname as: hostname/folder (e.g, and the port number as 9999

    NGROK: Enter the port as 10001, and you can simply use NGROK to secure your connection to your Domoticz instance!

    • Selector Switches are now supported by Controlicz
    • syntax is "Hey Google set the <\devicename> to <\level>"
    • Tap on the "Account" option on the bottom right of the home screen > then select "Settings" > Assistant> and then select "Home Control".

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  • Access to your devices on the Controlicz site
  • Devices are discoverable with Alexa & Google Home
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